About Us

A tailwind is a wind that comes up from behind, with the potential to propel an object forward.  It’s the opposite of a head wind, which pushes against you.  Tail Wind Spa is a nod to owner and licensed massage therapist Laila Foadian’s days as a sailor in the Navy (even though the Navy obviously doesn’t use sails anymore, they were all in favor of anything that helped them get back to port quicker!) as well as her desire to speed clients’ towards relaxation, pain relief, or whatever other goal they have for their treatment.

Laila Foadian, Owner & Licensed Massage Therapist (License MT114419)

People need to realize the importance of receiving regular massage & professional skincare.  Once that realization is made, those services need to be affordable and accessible.  Tail Wind Spa strives to both educate and provide clients with cost effective treatment options.

– Laila Foadian

Laila has been a licensed massage therapist since 2011.  She specializes in trigger point therapy, but is proficient in many other modalities as well.  Laila frequently combines her knowledge of massage and that of her B.S. in Kinesiology to bring her clients the best treatment possible.  She has also been a licensed massage therapy instructor since 2015.


Ariel Snow, Licensed Esthetician (License 1518164)
Ariel is Tyler’s best waxer and has been a licensed esthetician since 2011.  She specializes in full body waxing, customized skin care, spray tanning, and special event make up.  Ariel knows how to banish clients’ outer swamp demon so that the true princess (or prince!) inside shines through.