After some deliberation, I made a separate blog to document my use of essential oils at home since not all of my posts at Walk Trot Frolic will be essential oil related and may be only about my animals, which, as much as I love them, don’t really have anything to do with Tail Wind Spa and as such, the tone is a little more informal.  For the posts that do have relevance to the spa, I’ll share them accordingly, or, you can follow me at to stay up to date with all my animals and our misadventures!

My first post at Walk Trot Frolic is about the awesomeness of Correct-X and how it helped me after I was stung by a bee.

After much confusion, frustration, and headache, I’ve finally (I think) got a blog set up. I have a tendency to over-estimate my own abilities, and setting up a blog was one of them. Because I couldn’t just start with a blog; I had to try a WordPress.ORG blog. Until a few hours ago, I […]

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Save the date!

May 24th, Wednesday, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at Tail Wind Spa

Want to learn more about essential oils and how you can benefit from them? Interested in essential oils but all the information you’ve found on the internet is overwhelming and sometimes conflicting? We can help!

Please join us at 6:30 PM at Tail Wind Spa for a free, fun, and informative session about essential oils and some of their innumerable uses. We’ll have a few products free for all attendees.* This will be my debut as an advocate for essential oils and I’m excited to be sharing my knowledge with you! My fabulous essential oils mentor, Lavonia Nowell, will be co-hosting the session with me so she’ll be able to answer pretty much any of the questions you have that I haven’t yet learned the answer to!

Friends and family members are welcome to attend, just let us know ahead of time so we can make sure we have enough goodies (and chairs) for everyone!

Not able to attend? We’ve got you covered with two other dates and times:

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, May 24th, Wednesday (at Laila’s house)

2:30 PM – 4:00 PM, June 11th, Sunday (at Laila’s house)

You can access the FaceBook Event page HERE



Help us welcome a new esthetician to our team! Kristin Howell has been licensed since 2014 and specializes in facials, waxing, and spray tanning. Kristin will be available for appointments Wednesday through Saturday every week.Because of this, online booking for skincare is back!

We want you to experience first hand the awesome benefit of professional skincare and Kristin’s expertise, so we are offering a 15% discount off your visit to her now (3/3/17) until April 30th, 2017.
The Small Print:

  • Discount only available for services provided by Kristin Howell.
  • Discount will be deducted at checkout after the service has been rendered.
  • Multiple services per visit are permitted, though the discount will be taken off the total price of all services provided during that visit.

Online Booking for Facials, Skincare, & Waxing No Longer Available

img_0092Our estheticians have picked up second jobs with schedules that fluctuate weekly. To avoid the frustration of clients booking an appointment with them online, only to be contacted later and asked to reschedule, all requests for facial and waxing appointments must be made via call or text.

We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience (we love the ease online booking offers!) and will let you know when we can once again offer online booking for these services.

If you want to speed up the process (read: help them build enough business here so they can afford to quit their other jobs 🙂 ), refer your friends, family members, and even random strangers to come see us for all their skincare needs!

Remember, for every 5 people you refer for skincare, you get a free Signature Facial!

Thanks in advance for your understanding.


Your Friends at Tail Wind Spa

$5.00 Spray Tans at Tail Wind Spa!

That’s right – you read the headline correctly, but of course, there’s a catch.  I recently acquired a really nice spray tan setup and since I need practice, the spray tans only cost $5.00 .  Keep in mind I am learning and obviously haven’t perfected this craft, so it’s probably not a good idea to plan on getting your spray tan here right before any big or special events – at least not yet.  🙂

I have completed the National Spray Tanning Professional Association (NSTPA) course which had a lot of great information for a beginner, though I was a disappointed at their misspelling of “certification” (see below image), the fact that they only put my first name on the certificate, and that they didn’t really cover client consultation or anything beyond the very basics. I sent them an email after seeing the certificate for the first time informing them of these.  However, I’ve also enrolled in Norvell University’s 101 course which will hopefully fill in the gaps.  I’m impatiently waiting for their admin people to activate my account so I can start it!

The brand of spray tan solution I’m using is Norvell.  My decision to go with this brand was based on the reviews and pictures others who have used it had posted – it had the highest and most consistent ratings and over and over people raved about the color and how it didn’t make them look like pumpkins.  I actually purchased the Norvell products before enrolling in their courses – mostly because I didn’t find out about their education program until after the fact.

As of now, I have two solutions to choose from: Norvell Dark and Norvell 1 Hour.  Eventually I’ll be adding competition dark (Norvell  Blackout) to the menu, but for now it’s just normal colored spray tans.

I plan to have everything up and running by Tuesday (8/16/16), but the $5 spray tans are listed as a service online at MassageBook, so you can still book online.

I look forward to serving you and appreciate your patience and understanding as I learn this new skill! 🙂



50% Off ALL Massage Therapy Services for Law Enforcement!

In light of all of the horrible and tragic events involving police injury and death, I wanted to show my support for local law enforcement by offering a big discount on all of my massage services.  Seriously, I can’t imagine how tough your (law enforcement) jobs must be, having to deal with angry and out-of-control members of the public pretty much every single day, so accept my token of appreciation and come in and see me for some much needed relaxation.  You deserve it.  🙂

This offer does expire July 31st, 2016 though, so contact me before then so we can set up your appointment!

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Thank you!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who has booked an appointment for a massage with Tail Wind Spa, especially those of you who came in today!  I’m really excited about providing all of you with high quality massages at affordable prices and I hope you are too!

There are going to be some transitions in the upcoming months as we fine-tune operations, adding things that you – the clients – want or would like to see, and changing anything that needs it.  Your feedback is INVALUABLE, both inside and outside the massage room!