After some deliberation, I made a separate blog to document my use of essential oils at home since not all of my posts at Walk Trot Frolic will be essential oil related and may be only about my animals, which, as much as I love them, don’t really have anything to do with Tail Wind Spa and as such, the tone is a little more informal.  For the posts that do have relevance to the spa, I’ll share them accordingly, or, you can follow me at to stay up to date with all my animals and our misadventures!

My first post at Walk Trot Frolic is about the awesomeness of Correct-X and how it helped me after I was stung by a bee.

After much confusion, frustration, and headache, I’ve finally (I think) got a blog set up. I have a tendency to over-estimate my own abilities, and setting up a blog was one of them. Because I couldn’t just start with a blog; I had to try a WordPress.ORG blog. Until a few hours ago, I […]

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